Our VISA®/MasterCard® programs extend your brand and build customer loyalty   

Our experience with credit card programs dates back to the beginning of Genesis Financial Solutions. Currently, our direct to consumer MasterCard®, the Milestone® Gold MasterCard® provides an opportunity for those with less than perfect credit to acquire an unsecured credit card. For our retail partners we offer a Private Label card program, and for larger partners, a Co-Brand card program that offers your customers even greater utility with their card.

Private Label Cards

Build lasting relationships and help assure repeat business with our Private Label card program. Your brand, our card platform and financing expertise assure both your success and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how you can build brand equity and increase customer loyalty with our Private Label card program. Just provide us with your contact information using the short form on the right, or call us at 888-370-7583.

Co-Brand Card Programs

Team your brand with the power of VISA®/MasterCard® and a custom tailored consumer rewards card program. With a co-brand card, your customers have greater utility, and as a result, your brand enjoys broad visibility as they use your card for gas, groceries and dining out.  

The Genesis Co-Brand program is tailored to match the needs of you and your customers. Our online originations program is easily adaptable to your needs and your customers have access to a branded account management website to view statements, make payments, update their contact information and enroll in paperless statements.