Industry Leading Approval Rates and Credit Lines for Home Furnishing Retailers

Genesis Credit® offers second-look financing solutions to the near and non-prime credit quality segment of the population, enabling more of your customers to purchase the goods and services they want and deserve. Genesis Credit can also supplement your current financing programs and, most importantly, deepen customer loyalty and satisfaction while helping you grow sales!

“Since picking up Genesis the impact on sales has been extremely positive. We’ve increased our business exponentially and we’re picking up customers we otherwise wouldn’t get.”

-Shawn Teters - Regional Group Mgr. MOR Furniture, Phoenix & San Diego

Together, we provide an alternative to walk outs

By serving those who might not qualify for traditional lending options, you are able to offer access to home furnishings that your customers want and deserve. With Genesis Credit, your home furnishing business not only benefits from increased sales volume and improved customer loyalty, you can also drastically reduce administrative expenses through a fully managed lending and billing solution. Our seamless integrated financing and servicing solution enables higher approvals, resulting in a streamlined process and superior customer experience. The end result is more sales!

Program Benefits

  • Higher customer approval rates and credit lines
  • Instant approvals and easy to use online systems
  • Respectful and professional customer service
  • Programs that encourage repeat business
  • Credit programs mirror primary programs
  • Deferred interest programs