Our Company

In 2001 a group of seasoned consumer financial services managers got together to acquire and service existing pools of consumer receivables under the name Genesis Financial Solutions.

A few years later, the company recognized an unmet demand: individuals with less than perfect credit or limited credit experience were being turned down by traditional lenders.

To fill the financing gap for a growing number of individuals and the businesses who were trying to serve them, Genesis Financial Solutions diversified into non-prime consumer lending; offering under served consumers and their families a chance to afford needed goods and services, such as healthcare.

Today, Genesis Financial Solutions is a leader in originating and managing non-prime consumer credit. Genesis' partners include retailers and healthcare organizations who want to serve more customers and increase sales volume by offering affordable and flexible financing.

Throughout the years of acquiring, originating, and servicing consumer credit and loans, Genesis Financial Solutions has maintained a strong reputation among consumers and partners by focusing on offering simple terms, competitive rates, and exceptional customer service. Genesis' partners can support more customers by giving under served consumers an opportunity to obtain the financing needed to further their life goals.

Genesis Financial Solutions strives to deliver what our partners need to succeed, including:

  • Sophisticated analytics
  • Quality of execution
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Strict adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Unmatched expertise in risk management
  • A solid reputation built off of the highest level of integrity

Additionally, Genesis Financial Solutions is committed to strengthening the communities where we live and work. We donate time, money and resources to 501(c)(3) non-profits who align with our core values and are focused on education, environmental protection, or family-based human services.

If you're a retailer or healthcare organization, you'll benefit from our affordable, revolving and installment financing solutions to consumers with less than perfect credit.