Omnichannel Solutions with Flexible Technology to Grow Your Business and Drive Repeat Purchases



Through Genesis Credit®, our private-label credit business, we deliver omnichannel financing solutions with flexible technology that deliver increased sales and repeat business for the nation’s leading merchants. With Genesis Credit, merchants can provide customers, who are typically turned down by prime lenders, access to high quality financing solutions with flexible payment plans and attractive promotions.

Serving a wide range of industriesGenesis Credit partners with merchants in many industries including: home furnishings, home improvement, healthcare, consumer fitness, fine jewelry, and electronics/appliance industries. Partnering with Genesis Credit allows leading merchants to serve consumers who do not qualify for prime credit offers, yet need financing to purchase the products and services they need. 

Offering non-prime consumers access to second-look financing provides them the purchasing power they need and builds the foundation for a long-term relationship that encourages repeat business. With Genesis Credit, merchants can capture more customers, generate sales that would otherwise be lost, increase ticket sizes, and build brand loyalty – all without assuming additional risk. 

End-to-end financing solutions:
  • Fast and easy application process (omnichannel)
  • Real time approval and purchasing capability
  • Revolving credit accounts
  • Product terms similar to those offered by primary lender
  • Seamless, integrated application waterfall capability


Increase sales and market shareKeep customers from walking out the door or leaving the website with real-time credit approvals. Once approved with Genesis Credit, customers can start purchasing immediately with no added paperwork or hassles. Estimates say that 60% of consumers leave a store or website without making a purchase when declined for prime financing.* The Genesis Credit program, allows merchants to maintain relationships with non-prime customers and turn potential lost sales into profit.

“Our sales have grown exponentially over our previous second-look lender. Genesis approves more borrowers, offers higher credit lines and an appealing deferred interest promotion, and processes transactions quickly—leading to more saved sales and higher tickets.”

—Archie Hall, VP, Ashley HomeStore

Improved customer loyalty, drives repeat purchases Merchants can drive repeat business with a branded card program, prime-like service and promotional campaigns that engage non-prime consumers. Studies say that 85% of customers, on average, reuse credit at the same location when approved for private-label financing.*

Larger tickets, increased profitOn average, merchants experience a 65% increase in ticket size per purchase after implementing Genesis Credit.** By attracting customers outside of the prime market, merchants do more than close a sale. They sell more per ticket — an average of $1,100 over customers who pay cash. 

 “During the time we have partnered with Genesis Credit we have grown our second-look sales exponentially on the Genesis program. We experienced a 50% increase in sales within the first 12 months. With those results, it was an easy decision to expand our financing partnership with Genesis.”

—Rob Kelley, VP Marketing, Mor Furniture for Less

*“The Top Retail Technologies to Watch in 2017," Forrester Research, March 2017.
** Genesis Financial Solutions private research study, 2016.