You and Your Customers Are More Than Just a Number


Our Mission

We believe in opportunity and growth—for business and for individuals. We believe strong long-term partnerships are founded on respect. And we believe in second-chances.

Working relentlessly at the intersection of business and the consumer, we create near-prime financial products that are respectfully constructed, easy-to-use, and deliver lasting benefits for all.

Because at Genesis Credit, you and your customers are more than just a number.

“Our sales have grown exponentially over our previous second-look lender. Genesis approves more borrowers, offers higher credit lines and an appealing deferred interest promotion, and processes transactions quickly—leading to more saved sales and higher tickets.”
Archie Hall, VP, Ashley HomeStore
What is second-look financing?
A second chance to access credit for near-prime consumers
Why add second-look financing?
Leverage second-look financing to create more approvals and increase brand loyalty

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