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Discover the advantages of Second-Look Financing.

Why Retailers Choose to Offer
Second-Look Financing

High Credit Lines
Higher credit lines among customers with a FICO score above 550
More Approvals
More approvals among customer with a FICO score above 550
Low Payment
Low monthly payments and deferred interest programs available
Low Credit Lines
Lower credit lines among customers with a FICO score below 700
More Declines_1
More declines among customers with FICO scores under 700
High Payments
High monthly payments with money down and fees

While most retail financing portfolios include a primary and tertiary lender program, many overlook the individuals that fall in between. By adding a Second-Look finance program, like Genesis Credit®, you can offer your near-prime customers with a FICO score above 550 a second chance at securing a revolving credit line without high monthly payments or upfront fees.

Don't let a mismatch between credit profiles and consumer financing cost you a sale. Add Second-Look financing to ensure a positive customer experience for current and future purchases.


A ready-to-buy customer faces many obstacles during the final parts of a sale. The following statistics highlight how important it is to provide your customers with financing options. 

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What is Second-Look Financing?
Second-look financing, also referred to as near-prime financing, is a revolving credit line offered to individuals with a FICO score just below the threshold primary finance providers serve. Those consumers turned down by a primary lender are given a second chance at securing a line of revolving credit that offers a competitive APR and the ability to make future purchases without needing to reapply for financing.
Why should I offer Second-Look Financing?
Providing a second-look financing option supports an underserved market and helps businesses unlock new sales opportunities by providing non-prime consumers with high-quality credit solutions. With second-look financing, merchants capture more customers, generate sales that would otherwise be lost, increase ticket size, and build brand loyalty.
Who is the near-prime customer?
The near-prime customer is any consumer with a FICO credit score between 550 to 699. These consumers have a credit profile that doesn't align with either primary or tertiary programs.
I have a primary and tertiary lender. Do I really need to offer Secondary?
Yes, your primary lender will typically only approve FICO scores down to 660 with diminishing lines of credit, while a tertiary lender will charge your customer high monthly payments and often requires a down payment. Both outcomes for those with less-than-perfect credit can reduce consumer buying power. By having a Second-Look option available, you provide your customer with more options to get the financing they need at a price they can afford.
The near-prime customer doesn't shop at my store. Is Second-Look for me?
Many customers shop at stores that cater to their needs both in the items they purchase and the price they pay. If you currently don't offer Second-Look Financing, the near-prime customers are likely shopping at a competitor where better financing terms are available.

Let genesis help you
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Genesis Credit has been a leading provider in second-look financing for over 15 years. We specialize in providing credit lines to valuable consumers who a prime lender turns down, yet still, deserve access to quality financing.

Through our program, these “near prime” consumers get a prime-like financing experience, while you convert more orders.


Revolving Credit Lines
Near and Non-Prime customers require options that are significantly less than 190%+ APR equivalent products in the tertiary market today. Genesis Credit offers up to a $6k revolving line of credit at prime-like pricing.

Greater Acceptance & Repeat Purchase Activity
Customers approved for Genesis Credit have an 80%+ program acceptance rate and 3X repeat purchase activity rate when compared to tertiary finance offerings.

Next Day Funding
Get funds delivered to your bank account with 1-2 business days.


Our programs are offered by industry-leading retailers in over 16,000+ locations across the U.S.

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