Leverage Second-Look Financing To Create More Approvals and Increase Brand Loyalty


Second-look financing (also referred to as “near-prime” financing) programs give merchants and health providers the opportunity to expand their customer/patient base beyond the prime market. Estimates say that as many as half of U.S. consumers are considered non-prime, with nearly 30% qualifying as near-prime, meaning their credit scores are just below the prime threshold. *


0605_WHY_20-0525 WHY Add_Bar Chart_Graph_500x317pxThe Genesis Credit® advantage

We’ve built Genesis Credit® on the belief that our partners, health providers, and consumers deserve a prime-credit experience at every stage. Our approach includes a deep understanding of the consumer financing market, fully integrated technologies, sophisticated data analytics, and industry-leading consumer engagement tools. We leverage our experience and tools to help increase sales for merchants and treatments for health providers, strengthening loyalty to their brands for repeat visits.


Instant approvals and funding decisions

Genesis programs take over the moment a customer is turned down by the primary lender, creating fast and easy approvals for you and your customer or patient, supplemented with 24/7 support.


No risk to merchant or provider

A proprietary underwriting processes evaluate customers on multiple criteria, in addition to the credit score. With the Genesis Credit program, merchants and health providers are not responsible for an individual’s credit risk and receive the benefit of state-of-the-art fraud protection.


0605_WHY_20-0525 WHY Add_4 Step_Graphic_716x264Omnichannel solutions and flexible technology

From fully integrated point-of-sales applications and transactions to out-of-the-box website application portal capability, we work closely with you to select the best technology strategy to integrate with your sales and service approach.


Marketing programs to encourage repeat business

Genesis Credit can help develop marketing strategies that engage customers through the life of an account, including email and direct-mail marketing campaigns, in-store and online promotions, and branded private-label cards.


*   Genesis Financial Solutions private research, 2016
†   Offered through Genesis Credit® issuing bank partners


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